We didn’t want to waste tens of thousands on a high street retail Relocation that is inconveniently located and a pain to park near. We also decided to avoid wasting money every year on local newspapers, using our teams combined twenty plus years’ experience of using newspapers advertising in other businesses we can assure you it simply isn’t good value for us and therefore isn’t good value for you.

The days of walking down the high street and spending hours looking in Estate Agents windows are over. 95% of home buyers find the property they buy online through one of several well-known websites like Rightmove and Zoopla. Potential buyers spends hours and hours looking for the perfect home and more often are using a combination of computer, tablet and phone to do so.

At Pinkmove we recognise this change in buyer behaviour. Instead of wasting money on things that no longer matter, we have invested heavily in our ability to deliver amazing customer service and the very best experience online where it matters.

By taking this fresh and modern approach to selling your home we are able to deliver an excellent service and extremely good value for money.