When we started Pinkmove we wanted to give a little back to people in need of our help. We believe that business should not just be about business. We can change lives and we try to do so in several ways.

Every team member at Pinkmove has to raise money for charity every year it’s written into their contract. We don’t mind what they do, but whether it’s jumping out of a plane or walking to Scotland it’s a requirement. We also match some of the money they raise.

We also know that when moving home often the people moving (buyer or seller) frequently get rid of old and unwanted clothing. The team at Pinkmove are more than happy to collect these unwanted items and will donate them to Charity Shops in Newport. We will also help point you in the right direction of donating any unwanted furniture.

The final thing we do is simple! At the end of our financial year we give 5% of our profits before any Director dividends to charity.

Together we can make a difference

chairty work we do